Investigative Services

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    Business Abuse

    APA's specialty is in preventing and investigating business abuse - illegal, dishonest or irresponsible acts - which result in financial loss to a client or which may result in harm to employees, customers or to a client's reputation.

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    Security Problems

    Handling security problems is delicate work. Most owners and executives want to avoid negative publicity and low morale. APA's experienced and professional associates are discreet in their investigations, especially when problems involve people in positions of trust and responsibility.

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    APA has recovered millions of dollars in stolen equipment and property for clients and has assisted corporations in gaining significant financial restitution for embezzled or misappropriated funds.

Prevent Problems

  • Leaked trade secrets, foiled marketing plans, and unexplained equipment, cash , and inventory shortages due to business abuse can be avoided. Often problems occur because of inadequate policies and expertise to deal with business abuse. APA assists client management in establishing programs that clearly define the expectations of the employer while ensuring accountability, efficiency, and fairness.

  • Leaks in a security system can be costly to an organization. Stolen equipment, property damage, internal fraud, and industrial espionage lower profit margins, jeopardize market share, and even threaten the survival of an organization. APA is qualified to guide management in establishing programs to ensure maximum results.

  • APA was formed in 1978 to specialize in solving the multitude of security and business abuse issues confronting corporations and institutions.

  • APA guides businesses and organizations in evaluating their security needs and develops programs and policies to keep business abuse at a minimum.