Consulting Services

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    Security Expert

    Daniel E. Wilson, President of APA, is a 40-year veteran in the security and investigations field. Prior to founding APA, he served as a special agent with the federal government, specializing in counterintelligence, investigations, and physical security.

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    Published Author

    Mr. Wilson has published a number of articles pertaining to personnel identification programs, travel security, industrial espionage, hotel/motel security, and prevention of violence in the workplace.

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    Mr. Wilson, a court-qualified expert witness in security, holds M.A. and B.A. degrees from Eastern Kentucky University. He is a combat veteran of two tours in Vietnam, a paratrooper, and retired as a Colonel in the United States Army Reserves after serving 28 years in military intelligence and infantry assignments. His last active duty assignment involved developing and teaching the Army's first Protection Against Terrorism program.

Security Programs

  • APA functions with most clients in much the same manner as larger firms' corporate security departments. Clients have found it more cost efficient to call upon APA to deal with the occasional serious security problem. Clients get the benefit of calling upon APA for experienced, professional security consulting advice and assistance, which would otherwise require the expense of staffing a full-time corporate security department.

  • No longer is a comprehensive security program a luxury, it's an essential ingredient for good management. Leaked trade secrets, foiled marketing plans, and unexplained equipment, cash, and inventory shortages due to business abuse can be avoided. Often problems occur because of inadequate policies and expertise to deal with business abuse. APA assists client management in establishing policies and programs that clearly define the expectations of the employer while ensuring accountability, efficiency, and fairness.

  • To ensure autonomy and unbiased judgment in recommending security programs, procedures, techniques, and equipment, APA is not affiliated with any security equipment, alarm, or guard company.